Son Ye-jin's "Unforgettable Best 6"

Mellow queen Son Ye-jin is back. Her latest movie "Spellbound" being released on the 1st of December is about a woman called Yeo-ri who starts seeing ghosts after an accident. She has been acting for 11 years now. After the 2001 TV drama "A Delicious Proposal" with So Yu-jin, Kwon Sang-woo, So Ji-sub and others, she has been busy going around creating a number of hits. Now a veteran actress, Son Ye-jin talks about six of her most unforgettable works including "Spellbound".

"The Classic" (2003)

Director Kwak Jae-yong | Cast Son Ye-jin, Cho Seung-woo, Jo In-sung

"This is the first movie I actually lead since I started acting so it's very memorable. It was physically tough because I had to act out two characters that were different in personalities but this is the reason why I remember the intensity of the set".

This is a love story between the present and the past with a 30-year gap. Kwak Jae-yong expresses pure and clear love in beautiful images and music. Son Ye-jin in the movie played the present Ji-hye who was in love with her acting class senior Sang-min (Jo In-sung) and Ji-hye's mother Joo-hee from the past who had a 'classic' but helpless love.

"A Moment to Remember" (2004)

DirectorLee Jae-han | Cast Son Ye-jin, Jung Woo-sung

"This is something people think about naturally when the name 'Son Ye-jin' is said. They are depressing and dramatic characters but the story is expressed somewhat brighter so the sadness and touching feeling got bigger".

This is the big box office hit that gave Son Ye-jin the title, 'Queen of mellow'. This tearjerker is about Soo-jin (Son Ye-jin) who has Alzheimer's and Cheol-soo (Jung Woo-sung) who stays by her side and loves her until the end. The popularity of this movie is even bigger in Japan than Korea. It is one of the biggest Korean movies to have ever made a profit of 300 million Yen in theaters.

"Alone in Love" (2006)

Director Han Ji-seung | Cast Kam Woo-sung, Son Ye-jin

"I realized only after the last episode. Why people were so crazy about this. This is the first drama that allowed the actor or actress to create a character as he or she went along. It had the perfect director, scenario and cast. I love it".

A 16-episode TV drama by director Han Ji-seung. It was an easy mid-percentage drama that had an average of 10% but it succeeded in creating long lasting addicts. Based on an original by Nozawa Hasashi, the unique narrative about how Dong-jin (Kam Woo-sung) and Eun-ho (Son Ye-jin) realize they truly love each other after getting divorced is impressive.

"My Wife Got Married" (2008)

Director Jeong Yoon-soo | Cast Son Ye-jin, Kim Joo-hyuk

"This movie I approached with my heart and not my head. It's not like you have to kill someone because you are playing the role of a 'killer'. I took it easy filming this movie with the original novel in the base, people's experiences and my imagination. I also won the Best Actress at the Baek Sang Arts Awards, so it's very memorable".

An original by Park Hyeon-wook about a wife who announces a second marriage and the husbands mentality, putting forward the problems in the system of marriage. Son Ye-jin took on the role of comical wife In-ah who wants to have two husbands. Timid husband Deok-hoon played by Kim Joo-hyuk also assisted well. It is one of the most successful comedies.

"White Night" (2009)

Director Park Shin-woo-I | Cast Son Ye-jin, Go Soo


"It was one of the most difficult to act in. The aura of Mi-ho was so great it was painful to fit myself into her character. I was depressed and weird Mi-ho the whole time we were filming this movie. Choosing the life of an actress has its risks but it is also that much more attractive".

Written by novelist Higasino Geiko, "White Night" was made into a movie a year after its original release of the novel. The story of Johan (Go Soo) and Mi-ho (Son Ye-jin) who are involved in a murder case that happened 14 years ago and detective Dong-soo (Han Suk-kyu) who is after them. Unlike the novel which portrays the two leading characters as demons, the movie shows them changing and their love story.

Then finally...

"Spellbound" (2011)

Director Hwang In-ho | Cast Son Ye-jin, Lee Min-ki

"I thought it was amazing that the materials horror and comedy were combined together. I was appealed by Yeo-ri who was ruined and depressed because she could see ghosts. I was curious how someone could come up with an idea like this".

This movie is the debuting film of Hwang In-ho who write "To Catch a Virgin Ghost" and "2 Faces of My Girlfriend". Led by Yeo-ri (Son Ye-jin) who can see ghosts and Jo-goo (Lee Min-ki) a horror magician, the two people overcome the disturbances by the ghosts and become a couple. It's scary while it's funny and funny but scary and it will have you giggling all throughout the movie. It is said that Son Ye-jin and Lee Min-ki are a great team together.

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