Song Ha-yoon Embroiled in a School Violence Controversy

A victim of a school violence incident has surfaced, which was the background of actress Song Ha-yoon's forced transfer to another school.


JTBC's "Incident Leader", which aired on the 2nd, dealt with Song Ha-yoon's alleged school violence following the previous day. In particular, a victim of school violence by Song Ha-yoon and a perpetrator who claims who have committed school violence with the actress have voiced out.

The informant A, who claimed to have been slapped by Song Ha-yoon, revealed the contents of a phone call with another victim called B, who suffered from school violence by Song Ha-yoon. Earlier, A claimed that Song Ha-yoon was involved in school violence and transferred from Banpo High School to Apgujeong High School.

In the contents of the call, A asked, "Are you one of the victims of the perpetrators including Song Ha-yoon?" and B answered, "Yes". In addition, to A's questions, "All three of the perpetrators including Song Ha-yoon who participated in the mass assault, including Song Ha-yoon, were sentenced to protective disposition NO.8 and or were forcibly transferred, right?" and "Have you ever raised a problem when Song Ha-yoon was active after graduation and has she ever tried to contact you?" B answered, "Yes" and "No".

The voice of C, one of the perpetrators who was forced to transfer to another school, also appeared. She talked on the phone with A. C said, "It is true that kind of incident clearly did happen. It is true that Song Ha-yoon was involved. I cannot deny that it is not true", and claimed that Song Ha-yoon was indeed a perpetrator of school violence and that this led to her forced transfer.

"It is only right that she pays her dues for the crime. The price of the crime is primarily an apology, and if she denies it in that way, wouldn't she deny what we did wrong, what everyone did wrong?" she said.

Regarding the incident, Song Ha-yoon's management agency told the investigation team leader, "It is true that Song Ha-yoon was involved in the assault case. But the truth is different. Song Ha-yoon's friend at school was a victim of bullying. Two bulies came to Song Ha-yoon and told her to notify them when the victim came to school. At that time, Song Ha-yoon did not participate in the assault, but only told them what they wanted to know".

However, according to C, the perpetrator was not a bully, and the victim was not an outcast. "Song Ha-yoon, who had transferred to a different school, got involved in a group (the perpetrator, the victim were close), and a fight broke out when she played both sides in the middle". "After the incident, she went to the victim's parents and apologized, but she does not know if Song Ha-yoon did the same".