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Song Hye-kyo with Kim Hee-sun and Song Yoon-ah

Actors Song Hye-kyo, Kim Hee-sun, and Song Yoon-ah met.


Song Hye-kyo said on the 13th, "Thank you lovely sister~♥" and posted a photo of Kim Hee-sun.

Kim Hee-sun also posted a photo of Song Yoon-ah, whose face was cut off, along with a photo taken by Song Hye-kyo, revealing that the three were in one place.

Song Yoon-ah also uploaded photos and gifts given by Kim Hee-sun with the comment, "Our Princess. Thank you, I love you".

The strong friendship between the three, who have been active since the 1990s, creates warmth. The three also posted a photo of them meeting together in 2017.

Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo is loved in Netflix's original "The Glory" Part 2, which was released on the 10th. Kim Hee-sun will meet the audience with the movie "Honeysweet" which is set to be released this year. Song Yoon-ah is considering her next film after the drama "Show Window: The Queen's House" last year.

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