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Song Ji-ho in "Doctor Cha" as Uhm Jung-hwa's Son

Actor Song Ji-ho has confirmed his appearance in "Doctor Cha".


Song Ji-ho's agency, Tongyeon Entertainment, said on March 16 that Song Ji-ho will appear as Seo Jeong-min, a first-year surgical resident of JTBC's new Saturday-Sunday drama "Doctor Cha" (directed by Kim Dae-jin, Kim Jung-wook-II, scriptwriter Jung Yeo-rang, and produced by Studio & New).

Starring Song Ji-ho, "Doctor Cha" depicts the torn life sutures of Cha Jung-sook (Uhm Jung-hwa), who becomes a first-year resident from a 20-year housewife.

Song Ji-ho plays Seo Jeong-min, the son of Cha Jung-sook and Seo In-ho (Kim Byung-chul). Seo Jeong-min, who is always proud of his father, is a person who tries to be recognized by his father. In particular, he is clumsy, but sometimes he will show various activities as a reliable son who is busy with his mother who he meets at the hospital as fellow doctor.

Meanwhile, "Doctor Cha" will premiere at 10:30 PM on April 15th.

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