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Song Joong-ki, "I'm All About the Baby Being Born, So Grateful"

Actor Song Joong-ki expressed his feelings about entering Cannes for the first time in his life following the news of his marriage and wife's birth this year.


Song Joong-ki held an interview on the movie "Hopeless", a notable invitation to the 76th Cannes International Film Festival, at the Grey Dalbion Salon at the Cannes Hotel in southern France on the morning of the 23rd (local time, Korean time).

On this day, Song Joong-ki laughed, saying, "A lot of good news has been happening in the future, and the baby is coming, and in fact, Cannes is very exciting and all, but all my focus is on the baby being born". He then said, "I just wish Cannes ends quickly and I have to go back to my wife".

"I think I should live positively and gratefully, and good things and big things have happened to me, and then Cannes came", he said with a smile, "I'm trying not to get too excited because good things come at once".

In January, Song Joong-ki reported his marriage to Katie Lewis Saunders, a former British actor, and announced her pregnancy. He then entered Cannes for the first time in his life with "Hopeless" and received a double celebration.

"Hopeless" (director Kim Chang-hoon) is a noir drama about Yeon-gyoo, a boy who wants to get out of the hellish reality, meeting the organization's middle boss (head) Chi-geon and joining the dangerous world, and was invited to the attention section of this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Song Joong-ki plays the role of Chi-geon, and rookie Hong Xa-bin plays the role of Yeon-gyoo. Kim Hyung-seo, who is active as singer BIBI, played Yeon-gyoo's younger sister Ha-yan. It is the director's feature-length debut.

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