Song Joong-ki, "Wouldn't release album, regardless how much money I'd be offered"

Song Joong-ki's singing talent has become a topic.


Song Joong-ki was ranked seventh on the list of celebrities with the unexpected surprising singing talent in the June 8th episode of tvN's 'Name List'.

In 2009, Song Joong-ki hosted the year end special show of KBS 2TV's 'Music Bank'. He also performed 'Alone' by Outsider perfectly, especially delivering the fast rap part.

Song Joong-ki also participated in the original sound track project for movie, 'Penny Pinchers' and showed off his fresh and clean voice. Another surprising performance was done when he sang the original sound track from 'A Better Tomorrow' on the stage of MAMA award ceremony, 2012.

What is the secret with Song Joong-ki's singing talent? It is known that singing and dancing have been his weakness since before he doubted. Song Joong-ki said, "I'm greedy. Although I'm not good at singing, I want to practice hard and perform in a musical". It is said that, by practicing hard endlessly without giving up, he could overcome the stage fright.

However, when Song Joong-ki was asked if he had any intention to release an album formally, he answered, "Not at all. I know I don't have any talent in singing. Regardless how much I would be offered, I wouldn't do it".