Song Kang-ho Apologizes to EXO Fans on Behalf of His Son

Actor Song Kang-ho apologized about the issues surrounding his son Song Joon-pyeong's social media.

The actor explained, "My son was hasty and made a post about something he wasn't sure about".

"He apologized, but I apologize once again to the fans of EXO, movies, and Asia".

Song Joon-pyeong had made a Instagram Story saying, "EXO fans should stop terrorizing in comments". The post was removed immediately, but word spread quickly.

Song Joon-pyeong had released an apology to EXO fans.

Some day Song Joon-pyeong did caused a controversy because his father Song Kang-ho's film "Drug King" and EXO's Do Kyung-soo's "Swing Kids" were coming out on the same day. Song Joon-pyeong might have thought the negative comments about "Drug King" were mostly from fans of Do Kyung-soo.

Song Joon-pyeong is a soccer player on the Suwon Samsung Blue Wings soccer team.

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