[Spoiler] Added Episode 12 Captures for the Korean Drama 'Rich Man, Poor Woman'

Added episode 12 captures for the Korean drama "Rich Man, Poor Woman" (2018)


Directed by Min Doo-sik

Written by Hwang Jo-yoon, Park Jeong-ye

Network : Dramax, MBN

With Suho, Ha Yeon-soo, Oh Chang-seok, Kim Ye-won, Choi Kwang-il, Park Sung-hoon,...

16 episodes - Wed, Thu 23:00
Formerly known as "Rich Man"
A remake of the popular Japanese drama, this story is about a young businessman who established an IT company and a jobless college graduate with high qualifications go head to head with each other - they can't help falling in love.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2018/05/09