[Spoiler] "Birth of a Beauty" Joo Sang-wook and Han Ye-seul get married


The final episode of the SBS weekend drama "Birth of a Beauty" ended in happiness.

The twenty-first episode of the drama showed Han Tae-hee (Joo Sang-wook) and Sara (Han Ye-seul) getting married.

Han Tae-hee realized that the man who tried to assault him was the same person that caused the explosion which killed his parents 20 years ago and that the criminal was Kim Joon-cheol (Choi Jong-hwan), Madam Park's (Kim Yong-rim) assistant. Han Tae-hee set up a plan and make with Lee Kang-joon (Jung Gyu-woon).

Before the shareholder's meeting, Han Tae-hee realized what Han Min-hyeok's (Han Sang-jin) plan was when Lee Kang-joon asked for a fake passport of Sara and money, using her divorce papers as bait. Han Tae-hee gave him what he wanted and made sure the police were standing by to save himself.

Kim Joon-cheol confessed his crime and Son Ji-sook (Kim Chung) was arrested along with Han Min-hyeok who tried to kill Han Tae-hee. Han Tae-hee then became the CEO of Winner Group. Later, Lee Kang-joon was arrested trying to leave the country with the fake passport Han Tae-hee had given him. He was booked for attempted murder but not Gyo Chae-yeon because Sara was still alive.

Gyo Chae-yeon decided to go abroad. She went to Han Tae-hee and Sara's wedding but turned around once she saw how happy they looked. Lady Park who had Sara under complete misunderstanding because of Gyo Chae-yeon, blessed the couple after she saw Sara do everything she could to save Han Tae-hee.

The final episode of the drama showed Han Tae-hee and Sara's wedding which resulted in a happy ending.

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