[Spoiler] 'D-Day' a medical drama with beautiful cinematography and entertainment

The 15 billion won blockbuster has unveiled. The first review is satisfactory.

On September 18th, the first episode of JTBC's new Friday & Saturday drama, "D-Day" aired.

The main scene was the conflict between Lee Hae-seong (Kim Young-kwang)'s team in emergency room and Park Gun (Lee Kyung-young) and Han Woo-jin (Ha Seok-jin)'s robotic surgery team.

Lee Hae-seong focused on saving people's life while Park Gun's priority was the profitability for the hospital.

Lee Hae-seong stepped to do a surgery for a patient although the survival possibility was low. He yelled at his fellow doctor, who announced a death prematurely, and saved the patient's life when the projected survival rate was as low as 10%.

Park Gun transferred Lee Hae-seong, who was working as such, to Hangang Mirae hospital, of which working environment was inferior. His mother, a coma patient, also was transferred along with him. He was put in charge of colonoscopy instead of surgeries, which was his specialty. Lee Hae-seong refused to apologize although Park Gun offered that he would cancel the transfer.

The contrary attitude also was seen in Jeong Ttol-mi (Jung So-min) and Park Ji-na (Yoon Joo-hee)'s case. Jeong Ttol-mi, who was working in a hospital in Busan, came to Seoul and went to Han River to take a look at the scenery. Park Ji-na was exercising in a park alongside Han River at the time.

When a cyclist got hit by a car, Park Ji-na ran to the emergency situation and led the first aid treatment. She asked for help she was Jeong Ttol-mi in doctor's gown. When transferring the patient in Jeong Ttol-mi's ambulance, the patient started showing the symptoms of pneumothorax. Jeong Ttol-mi hesitated to do the required emergency treatment because she did not have any experience with such symptoms. Park Ji-na treated the symptoms and the patient overcame the critical situation.

Han Woo-jin became mad when he heard about what Park Ji-na did for the patient. Park Ji-na decided to resign because she did not want to cause any trouble to the emergency room medical team. Lee Hae-seong was upset with Jeong Ttol-mi because Park Ji-na treated the patient on behalf of Jeong Ttol-mi. He blamed Jeong Ttol-mi for not having behaved like a doctor.

Lee Hae-seong and Park Ji-na, who shared the same ideas on medical practice, had a meal together later on. At the time, an earthquake happened all of sudden.

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