[Spoiler] "Doctor Stranger" Lee Jong-suk operates on president

Lee Jong-suk eventually operated the president.

On the eighteenth episode of the SBS drama "Doctor Stranger", Park Hoon (Lee Jong-suk) became President Hong Chan-seong's (Kim Yong-gun) surgeon.

Han Jae-joon (Park Hae-jin) won the last round and Jang Seok-joo (Chun Ho-jin) wanted to kill Park Hoon and his mother. However, President Hong Chan-seong said, "It's a doctor's duty to think more about the patient's life than victory. If you were the one on the bed you would've picked him, too".

Jang Seok-joo let them live and called Park Hoon to tell him to operate on the president. Park Hoon argued, "Do you think I'll do whatever you tell me to do?" but that was already after his mother Lee Mi-sook (Lee Il-hwa) was taken away. Jang Seok-joo had planned on manipulating Park Hoon.

Park Hoon asked where his mother was and Jang Seok-joo said, "She'll be safe as long as the surgery goes well. Park Hoon yelled that he couldn't believe him and Jang Seok-joo rephrased, "You won't be safe if you say anything to anyone".