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[Spoiler] "Fashion King" Yoo Ah-in gets killed

Yoo Ah-in's gun death in the drama "Fashion King" has the viewers talking about who the killer might be.


On the final episode of the SBS TV "Fashion King", Yoo Ah-in who was planning on living the luxury life in New York after selling his YGM shares to Jeong Jae-hyeok (Lee Je-hoon) was gunned to death. However, the killer wasn't revealed and viewers are talking about who it might be.

Many are pointing at Jae-hyeok or his father to be the killer with the reasons being that his father had once mentioned to Jae-hyeok; to have Lee Ga-yeong (Shin Se-kyung) for his own, Kang Yeong-gul had to be killed. Jae-hyeok also stole the letter that Kang Yeong-gul send to Lee Ga-yeong from New York, leading to the guess that one of the two might be the killer. Jae-hyeok might have killed Yeong-gul to protect his love and recover his pride.

There are quite a number who point at Ga-yeong to be the killer as well. First of all, Jae-hyeok didn't know the location of the place only Ga-yeong and Yeong-gul knew and there was no evidence to show where he was in the letter he sent from New York either therefore, Ga-yeong seemed more likely to be the criminal than Jae-hyeok.

Yeong-gul called Ga-yeong and was shot to death by the killer while he was talking to her on the phone. Ga-yeong's expression didn't change even when he died and replied to him, "I miss you too". Viewers doubt she didn't hear the gun sound in the place where only the two of them knew and she didn't event flinch when he died so she might've already known he was going to die.

Meanwhile, Yeong-gul's tragic end caused a stir with the viewers.

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