[Spoiler] "Fermented Family" Song Il-gook is Jung Ae-ri's son?

Ki Ho-tae's birth story raised its curtains.

On the episode of JTBC drama "Fermented Family" on the 18th, Ki Ho-tae (Song Il-gook) discovered a picture from his past. A black and white picture.

Na Eun-bi (Yoon Hee-soo) picked up a picture from the storage room of Cheon Ji In. Na Eun-bi gave the picture to Ho-tae saying he dropped it. He was shocked when he saw the picture.

It was taken at the gates of Cheon Ji In with someone who could be his dad. Ki Ho-tae retraced his memory. The person who took the picture was Lee Ki-chan (Kang Sin-il) who was the owner of Cheon Ji In and father of Lee Kang-san (Park Jin-hee).

He repeated, "Father?" into the picture. Meanwhile, plutocrat chairman of food products Jeong Hyeon-sook (Jung Ae-ri) had the key to the story behind his birth.

Ki Ho-tae is treasuring a very old necklace in the shape of a pendulum. Hyeon-sook also had one just like it. She investigated Lee Ki-chan's whereabouts.

News said he was going around orphanages looking for a child. She sought interest in this. The strange relationship between Lee Ki-chan, Jeong Hyeon-sook and Ki Ho-tae surfaced.