[Spoiler] "Golden Rainbow" Jo Min-ki sent to the asylum

Jo Min-ki was sent to the asylum all of his evil came to an end.


On the final episode of the MBC drama "Golden Rainbow" on the 30th, good triumphed over evil.

Seo Jin-ki (Jo Min-ki) who had done all sorts of evil, surrendered himself to the police after he was shocked to see his son Seo Do-young (Jung Il-woo) pull the trigger on his own head in front of him.

However, he showed signs of mental illness 3 years later and was taken to a center as he was looking for Kim Han-joo and seemed as if he was being punished for all that he'd done.

Seo Do-young who had pulled the trigger in front of his father because Kim Baek-won was kidnapped, seemed dead but actually turned up to her family event in a wheelchair and had a good time with Baek-won.

Kim Baek-won and Kim Cheon-won turned the dying company into a surplus in just 3 years as a healthy organization that contributed to society. Kim Man-won (Lee Jae-yoon) had a baby with Park Hwe-ran (Lee Hee-jin).

Kim Cheon-won (Cha Ye-ryun) promised to marry Jae Sin (Seo Tae-yeong) and the other brothers and sisters became a hard working part of society as well.

The six brothers and sisters all ended successful and triumphed over evil.

Following the happiness and sadness of "Golden Rainbow" comes "Hotel King" starring Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae.