[Spoiler] "Golden Rainbow" Jung Il-woo and UEE go on a ski date

Jung Il-woo and UEE went skating on their date in the MBC weekend drama "Golden Rainbow".

Do-yeong (Jung Il-woo) couldn't help but laugh at Baek-won (UEE), who wasn't very good on her skates and depended on him. She got better at skating while he'd gone to get something, but she seemed pouty.

He told her off to pretend to be bad even though she was getting the hang of it. Baek-won fed him food and tried to chatter him.

However, their happiness didn't last. Han-joo (Kim Sang-joong) was against them. He found out that he was the son of Jin-gi (Jo Min-ki) and told them to break up. He said he didn't want Baek-won getting hurt and revealed that Jin-ki and he were friends from the orphanage.

Do-yeong questioned his humanity asking how he could let someone from the same orphanage go to prison. He announced that he would become his enemy if he didn't let him see Baek-won.

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