[Spoiler] "Haechi" Kwon Yul Becomes Joseon's Sherlock

On the latest episodes of the SBS drama "Haechi", Park Moon-soo provided clues to prove Yi Tan (Jung Moon-sung) was a killer.


On the first and second episodes of "Haechi", Park Moon-soo found out Lee Geum (Jung Il-woo) lied and tracked him down. Park Moon-soo's passion for justice and his nosiness was instrumental in revealing the corruption that was prevalent in Joseon as well as Yi Tan's misdeeds. Park Moon-soo investigated Lee Geum's illegal writing for Noh Tae-pyeong whose body was discovered. He had been killed by Lee Geum, Yeo Ji (Go Ara), and Yi Tan.

As the Joseon Sherlock, Kwon Yul lured Park Moon-soo out dynamically. Not only did he keep a close eye him, but when he faced Yi Tan and his group, he fought them barehanded and he remained steadfast in his determination to uncover the truth. Kwon Yul is showing a variety of charms with his full voice and eye-catching acting.

At the end of the episode, with Han Jeong-seok (Lee Pil-mo) in the lead, Noh Tae-pyeong's murder was reported, but there wasn't enough evidence. Park Moon-soo asked Lee Geum to reveal the truth and he did. Will they start cooperating?