[Spoiler] Kim Tae-hee small as Thumbelina 'Fits into a bag~'

Kim Tae-hee proved her small size through a game of peek-a-poo in a bag.

In the MBC drama "My Princess" Lee Seol (Kim Tae-hee) secretly goes out of the palace to meet her friends and hurriedly hides in a bag. As if creating an issue with the size of her face isn't enough, she now is creating an issue of her small enough size to fit in a bag.

Her peek-a-poo episode will be revealed in the 11th episode on the 9th. Lee Seol goes into the bag trying to avoid Hae-young (Song Seung-heon) but he finds her. The way she peeks her face out of the bag is as if she is coming out of an egg and it seems she will arouse men's protective instincts.

In the previous episode of the drama Song Seung-heon created a tsunami of 'Hae-young aches' when he confessed to Lee Seol, "Can't you quit being princess and be my woman?" From the 11th episode, their love line will take an official turn and add to the fun.

Curtain Call Productions say, "Their witty lines and working together well is adding to the fun. They are laughing and being cute together but their true feelings and worrying for each other will touch viewer's hearts".