[Spoiler] "Man Who Lays the Table" Can Lee Jae-ryong Save the Company?

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Man Who Lays the Table", Kevin Miller (Lee Jae-ryong) found out that his mother Joo Ae-ri (Choi Su-rin) was alive.

She even had a funeral 3 years ago, but she reappeared as Lee Kyung-hwa, director of Gold Man Partners. She'd targeted Kevin Miller's company and shocked him when they ran into each other.

In the preview, Yang Chun-ok (Kim Soo-mi) and Kevin Miler met at the formal meeting between groom Jung Tae-yang (On Joo-wan) and Lee Roo-ri (Choi Soo-young). Yang Chun-ok is Kevin Miller's step-mother who abandoned him at a train station when he was young. They didn't recognize each other, but thought each other familiar.

However, Kevin had always resented the step-mother who threw him away.

It seems that Yang Chun-ok is going to be of some help to Kevin whose company is about to go down. Will he be able to keep his company from Joo Ae-ri and protect his son Jung Tae-yang?