[Spoiler] "Me Too, Flower!" Yoon Si-yoon takes off his shirt

Lee Ji-ah and Yoon Si-yoon had a self-esteem fight.

On the second episode of MBC drama "Me Too, Flower!", Cha Bong-seon (Lee Ji-ah) and Seo Jae-hee (Yoon Si-yoon) fought for their self-esteems.

Bong-seon was down as she had been diagnosed with depression by Tae-hwa (Jo Min-ki) when Jae-hee appeared in front of her again and disturbed her feelings.

He teased her saying, "It's a man's romance to spend a night with a woman in uniforms" and she replied, "Do you want to sleep with me?"

Their argument ended up in him taking his shirt off and while he was taking his clothes off one by one, Jo Ma-roo (Lee Gi-kwang) walked in the police station.

Flabbergasted by this situation he asked her, "Are you alright?" and took out his gun, chasing Jae-hee away.

Ma-roo got a blow from Jae-hee from following him out and answered, "I like her but I don't know if we will be in a relationship, she's older than me" when he was asked if he liked her.

Meanwhile, "Me Too, Flower!" is a romantic comedy about a police woman and a two-face undercover boss.