[Spoiler] "Mr. Sunshine" Lee Ho-jae Angry With Lee Byung-hun

On the latest episode of the tvN drama "Mr. Sunshine", Eugene Choi (Lee Byung-hun) went to Ko Sa-hong's (Lee Ho-jae) house.

He asked why he'd been looking for him, but Ko So-hong seemed surprised by this. He called Go Ae-sin (Kim Tae-ri) and asked, "Are you who Ae-sin has been talking about? From now on, don't apologize or make excuses and just answer my questions. Is it true that she likes you? And do you like her back?"

He added, "I just can't understand how a Joseon person becomes a Westerner". Eugene explained, "I left Joseon to survive and I became an American to become one. Americans are the invading army, but I wish for Joseon to be safe".

When Ko Sa-hong found out that Eugene was of a slavery class, he yelled at Go Ae-sin for insulting him and that it was embarrassing enough that a woman from a noble family had a crush on a man. "You will not be with him even though you get divorced. You're going die alone and lonely. This is the circumstance of your decision".