[Spoiler] "My Healing Love" So Yu-jin Recognizes Yeon Jung-hoon in the Hospital

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "My Healing Love", Im Chi-woo (So Yu-jin) and Choi Jin-yoo (Yeon Jung-hoon) went to the hospital together.

Yang Eun-joo (So Ju-yeon) suddenly felt pain and Im Chi-woo took her to the hospital. She coincidentally met Choi Jin-yoo and he followed her to the hospital.

Choi Jin-yoo seemed very familiar with what he was doing at the hospital and Im Chi-woo thought he looked familiar. She thought hard and was surprised when Choi Yi-yoo called him 'oppa'. Im Chi-woo thought to herself, "Choi Jin-yoo? He's Choi Jin-yoo? Then is he Choi Yi-yoo's brother?"

Yang Eun-joo gave birth to a son and she cried to Im Chi-woo not to tell her parents.