[Spoiler] "My Only One" Im Ye-jin Curses at Choi Soo-jong

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "My Only One", So Yang-ja (Im Ye-jin) caught Kang Soo-il (Choi Soo-jong) and swore at him.

Kim Do-ran (UEE) stayed over Park Geum-byung's house to take care of her since she showed signs of Alzheimer's and left the house late at night. So Yang-ja saw this and thought Kim Do-ran was having a secret affair.

So Yang-ja then happened to witness Kim Do-ran in Kang Soo-il's car and thought he was the one making Kim Do-ran stay out late.

She took Kang Soo-il by the collar and started cursing at him. His shirt ended up coming off.