[Spoiler] "My Princess" Kim Tae-hee cute but comfortable fashion without ribbons

Kim Tae-hee's cute no-pants fashion drew eyes.

On The twelfth episode of MBC drama "My Princess" (written by Jang Yeong-sil directed by Kwon Seok-jang and Kang Dae-seon) Lee Seol who is cornered, leaves the palace. Lee Seol's step sister steps forwards as the fake princess and Oh Yoon-joo (Park Ye-jin) states Park Hae-young's (Song Seung-heon) father pushed Lee Seol's father until death.

The Lee Seol who walked out of the palace with her bag looked different from the princess who had ribbons in her hair. She looked as if she was going on a backpacking trip. Her upper clothing was long enough to cover her lowers and wore black stockings so she was definitely without pants.

Meanwhile in this episode, Kim Tae-hee declared to Oh Yoon-joo. "I'm not running away nor am I not able to be a princess. I will be back. Then you are dead". It was a look of venom to her but her practiced look of Mi-sil wasn't there.