[Spoiler] "My Princess" Kim Tae-hee pretty! Smart! Operational drama?

Kim Tae-hee being reflected to Lee Seol is causing eyebrows to rise.

In the fifth episode of MBC drama "My Princess" on the 19th, Lee Seol was pretty. She was recognizing herself. She also was smart.

Lee Seol's mother Kim Da-bok (Im Ye-jin) and Lee Seol reunited. The two of them met and hugged each other as happy as they were to be reuniting in a palace. Kim Da-bok bragged to Park Dong-jae (Lee Soon-jae), "She was always such a good student I never had to once tell her to study".

Lee Seol was pretty. She reflected herself wearing a dress in the mirror. She was satisfied. She asked a servant, "Am I pretty today?" She was full of confidence. President Lee Yeong-chan (Lee Sung-min) said, "You are pretty and have an eye for politics". She took this in naturally.

Kim Tae-hee is from Seoul University. Her evaluation report that showed she had not stepped down from first place in her middle school days was an issue. Her daily story of running home for more time to study is famous. Her appearance too, is prominent enough to be called a goddess.

Smart and pretty Kim Tae-hee is over lapping with smart and pretty Lee Seol. It may be the drama is trying to emphasis on Lee Seol farting, blowing her nose and running towards the bathroom but reflecting Kim Tae-hee is also a big deal. Like an operational drama.