[Spoiler] "My Spring Days" Kam Woo-sung and Choi Soo-yeong's wedding

Kam Woo-sung and Choi Soo-yeong had a wedding of their own in the hospital ward.

On the fifteenth episode of the MBC drama "My Spring Days", Kang Dong-ha (Kam Woo-sung) and Lee Bomi (Choi Soo-yeong) got married.

Bomi's condition didn't get better so they prepared a wedding in her hospital room. Dong-ha said, "Let's not do this. I want to do it right". However, Bomi said, "Then I'm your patient until then. I want to be your wife even if it's for a minute".

She then apologized to Dong-ha. "I'm sure you wanted me to be the prettiest and happiest bride. But I'm happy so forgive me if I'm not the prettiest".

"I can't do anything for you even if I become your wife now. I can't cook for you. I can't get you your socks. I can't do anything for the children. All I can do now is give you my heart - that's all. I'm sorry".

Dong-ha and Bomi swore eternal love to each other and kissed. They then left on their honeymoon although Bomi's parents were against it.

Meanwhile, "My Spring Days" is about Bomi getting a new life through heart transplant and meeting the man and the children of the person who gave her the new life and falling in love.

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