[Spoiler] "Nice Guy" Lee Sang-yeob and Kim Tae-hoon's tension

Lee Sang-yeob formed a vigilance with Kim Tae-hoon for Moon Chae-won.


On the thirteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Nice Guy", Joon-ha's (Lee Sang-yeob) love for Eun-ki (Moon Chae-won) could be seen.

Jae-hee (Park Si-yeon) claimed a theft report on Ma-ru (Song Joong-ki) for stealing private documents. Joon-ha found out about this and angered at Min-yeong (Kim Tae-hoon) for framing an innocent person and said he would take out his final card.

Min-yeong then provoked Joon-ha, "This is what you also wanted. If Kang Ma-ru disappears Seo Eun-ki will come to you. Kang is not someone you should protect but someone you should get rid of".

However, Joon-ha said, "Must I have it? Must I have everything I love? I don't think like that. You and I are not much different from each other. We just met Han Jae-hee and Seo Eun-ki on the same path. This is what makes us stand on a path where we can never have them".

He then showed Eun-ki his true feelings by saying, "When time passes and when we realize that what we had was nothing, can we meet on the same path again?"

Meanwhile, Eun-ki slowly started recovering her memory on this day.