[Spoiler] "Priest" Regia 634's Intentions Come to Light

Regia 634 came to light on the latest episode of the OCN drama "Priest".

Moon Gi-sun (Park Yong-woo) and his apprentice Oh Soo-min (Yeon Woo-jin) prepared to conduct exorcism on Woo-joo (Park Min-su) who had been possessed. The power of the evil spirits grew stronger, but Doctor Ham Eun-ho (Jung Yoo-mi) kept interfering.

In the end, Woo-joo's mother gave them permission to carry out the exorcism. They pretended to move Woo-joo, but took him to their hideout. Sin Mi-yeon (Oh Yeon-ah) pretended to track them down and cooperate with the investigation, but interfered with them. Goo Do-gyoon (Son Jong-hak) followed them too to ask them to stop everything.

Despite interruptions, Ham Eun-ho found Woo-joo in exorcism. Luckily, he was relieved of evil spirits and taken to the hospital. Goo Do-gyoon, Sin Mi-yeon, Moon Gi-sun and Oh Soo-min talked about subsequent measures. This is when the truth about Regia 634 came out.

Although Regia 634 did their best, they weren't able to defeat the evil spirits completely. The spirit from Woo-joo latched itself onto the doctor that took him away and threatened Ham Eun-ho's life.

Ham Eun-ho got in Regia 634's way because she still didn't believe in the existence of ghosts although she suspected them. Now that her life's in danger, will she be believe in them?

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