[Spoiler] Shin Se-kyung becomes fashion king with talent

Shin Se-kyung has become the "Fashion King".


On the fifteenth episode of the SBS drama "Fashion King" aired on the 7th of May showed Lee Ga-yeong (Shin Se-kyung) receiving first place in the Fashion King contest.

There was a rumor that Jeong Jae-hyeok (Lee Je-hoon) had pre-decided Lee Ga-yeong as the winner within the office prior to the Fashion King Contest. The office workers even whispered to themselves that Lee Ga-yeong lived with Jeong Jeae-hyeok as well as Kang Yeong-gul (Yoo Ah-in).

Understanding what's going on, Lee Ga-yeong told Jeong Jae-hyeok, "I will step down from the contest because of you". But he told her, "Don't be silly and just focus. The sales will prove your talent". She joined the contest.

Lee Ga-yeong won with her talent and became Fashion King. Jeong Jae-hyeok smiled hugely and clapped. On the other hand, Madame Jeong's (Chang Mi-hee) face darkened.

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