[Spoiler] "The Good Witch" Lee Da-hae's Sisters are Polar Opposites in Love

On the latest episode of the SBS drama "The Good Witch", Seon-hee (Lee Da-hae) had no choice but to watch Do-hee and Woo-jin's (Ryu Soo-young) wedding.


Lee Da-hae plays the passionate and ambitious Do-hee as well as Seon-hee, Do-hee's twin sister, who gives up her double life for her sister's comeback.

Seon-hee cries alone as she can't express her true feelings for Woo-jin who she likes. She's like a mermaid who can't speak her own feelings and just disappears like bubbles.

Seon-hee supported Do-hee's choice of Woo-jin because she thought her sister was genuine towards him, but Do-hee just sees him as a stepping stone to get to her success.

Meanwhile, in the process of going in for their engagement, Woo-jin let go of Do-hee's hand when he saw Seon-hee.