[Spoiler] "The Great Seer" Oh Hyun-kyung orders for Lee Davids fingers cut off

Evil woman Soo Ryeon-gye's acts are terrifying.


Dramatic danger was sensed on the episode of the SBS drama "The Great Seer" on the 24th as Soo Ryeon-gye (Oh Hyun-kyung) revealed her cruelty.

She held Dong-ryun's son hostage as she attempted to steal something of his. She hugged and patted Ji Sang (Lee David) as she said, "I'll set up a funeral for you and your father so you won't be lonely".

When Dong-ryun arrived with what she wanted she asked for a trade and when he seemed hesitant, she put a knife to Ji Sang's throat.

When Dong-ryun yelled, "No!!", she stabbed him with the knife and said, "Can you even die with this thing?"

To make things worse, she said, "You think you can deal with me with that pitiful life of yours? Cut off the boy's fingers".

With that fearful order, Dong-ryun begged for her to let the boy go and let go of the knife he was holding.

Meanwhile, Dong-ryun had already handed over the documents she wanted to Hyo-myeong (Lee Young-bum). After a fight with Soo Ryeon-gye and her men, Dong-ryun saved his son and passed away,