[Spoiler] 'W' Lee Jong-suk discovers his identity in relationship with Han Hyo-joo

On the episode 11 of MBC's Wednesday & Thursday drama, "W", there were plot twists, one after another. Kang Cheol already knew the existence of web-toon world and Yeon-joo.


Prior to this, Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) could come back to the real world after she kissed Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk).

As soon as she came back, she went to meet her father. Her father, the writer of the web-toon, Seong-moo (Kim Eui-sung) was stolen of his face to the actual criminal man.

Yeon-joo grabbed a pen stealthily behind Seong-moo's back. She had to bring back Kang Cheol to life. Yeon-joo pushed all the information and medication to cure the injury into the web-toon world. Kang Cheol could save his life thanks to Yeon-joo's help.

And Yeon-joo was summoned back into the web-toon world at the moment by Cheol-ho (Park Won-sang), who was seeking Kang Cheol's life. Yeon-joo managed to escape and found Kang Cheol. Kang Cheol could meet her thanks to the help from Do-yoon (Lee Tae-hwan). He was completely ruined. He had no money and was wanted by police.

Despite the wretched situation, Kang Cheol did his best for Yeon-joo. He bought a five thousand won dress for her and said, "I want to get you a three million won dress but this is all I can do for now" And then he brought Yeon-jooo to his place and cooked meal for her. He mumbled, "I learned how to cook for you. And I finished my homework for today".

Yeon-joo, surprised, asked him, "What did you just say?" Kang Cheol responded, "I saw it in the cartoon" and then he showed "W" to her. Yeon-joo was so surprised that she could not speak a thing.

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