[Sponsored] How do I properly care for my hair?

You know how the little things you do when you wash your hair make a big difference in the condition of your hair? It's the butterfly effect. Small, unconscious, silly mistakes, and the consequences linger on your hair. And sometimes they're not even visible to the naked eye. Do you think shampooing should just be about applying shampoo, rinsing and that's it? No, no. I'll tell you more about it. I've written down a step-by-step guide on how you should shampoo your hair. Read it, make sure you do it consciously and well.

How often should you wash your hair?


I'm not reinventing the wheel here, but the truth is that everyone's hair is different (thick, thin), skin is different (dry, oily), lifestyle is different (e.g. they do sports regularly) and they like different things (some like tomato soup, others like sushi). In my opinion, it is an individual matter how many times a week you should wash your hair. When it is needed.

Your hair and skin tend to get used to it. A lot of ladies say they have to wash their hair every day because they're so used to it and if they don't wash it, it gets greasy. The question is, is it really the case that your hair is oily or has this lady gotten used to the feeling of fresh and fragrant hair and without washing it she feels stale?

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There is a lot of controversy about daily hair washing. In my opinion, it's not the washing itself that damages hair, as long as you have the right shampoo. It's the bad habits during and right after washing that do the damage. It's all about mechanical damage, such as pulling when combing, rubbing hair with a towel or drying with a hair dryer without heat protectant.

Should you wash in the morning or in the evening?

If you want to wash in the morning, wash in the morning. If you want to wash your hair in the evening, wash it in the evening. There is no rule that washing hair in the morning is better and in the evening is not advisable.

However, remember that at night, while we sleep, our body sweats. The skin on your head also sweats, and this is natural. So even if you wash your hair in the evening, it may (or may not) feel unripe in the morning. If you wash your hair in the evening and go to bed with wet hair, and the length of your hair allows you to do so, be sure to tie it up in a loose braid so that it doesn't rub against each other and your pillow while you sleep. This causes damage to the hair structure.

If you wash your hair in the morning and are a fan of oiling your hair, you can apply oil at night and wash your hair in the morning as usual. Likewise, if you use any other products that you apply before shampooing, apply them at night to save time and nourish your hair in the morning.

How to wash? Head down or back?

Hair extensions or thickened hair should be washed in a position where the head is tilted back. This protects the welds from separating from the scalp and reduces the risk of tangling.

Natural hair, which is washed while the head is tilted back in the shower for example, will also become less tangled. However, if you read the rest of this article and follow my shampooing tips, you won't feel any difference in which position you shampoo your hair.

When you apply conditioner or mask to your hair, the best washing position is when your head is facing downwards.

Before washing

The important thing before washing your hair is to comb your hair thoroughly.

Not only will you avoid tangling your hair, but combing will also remove any remaining styling products and dead skin (it's perfectly normal for it to exfoliate gently).

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