[Spottoon Review] Back to the Highteen Series Preview:A Second Chance to Find Yourself


Back to the Highteen by Gi Seul is the perfect webtoon for those of you who yearn for a second chance to return to your younger years. It's about a girl named Bo-Young who is 28 years old and going nowhere in life because of financial issues. She slaves away at menial part-time jobs and is constantly sacrificing her own happiness to save her family. 

She continues to hope for something better but suddenly everything goes wrong. The boyfriend she had supported for years while he studied for the bar exam cheats on her. And to make matters worse, her family takes the money she had been saving to go back to school. Her life feels hopeless and she is ready to give up. 

But she is suddenly she is given the chance to impersonate a girl she tutors and return to high school in her place. 

Yoon Joo vs Bo Young 

She relectantly agrees because of the money that is involved. She is prepared for the worst but she finds that she loves high school. However, she doesn't do a very good job of acting like Yoon-Joo, who is known to be vicious, manipulative and total party girl. It makes people suspicious, especially her classmate Hae-Gyoung, who once went out on a date with Yoon-Joo. He finds out the truth about Bo Young but decides to keep her secret. 

He begins to fall for her but he is not her only suitor.  Her ex and a former classmate, Chan-Hee, who is now a teacher at her school, enter into the mix.  

But who will she choose?

The recent dramas Twenty Again staring Choi Ji Woo and Angry Mom starring Kim Hee Sun have explored the idea of getting a second chance to live a certain period in your life over. Both were heartbreaking and inspirational in their own unique way and Back to the Highteen is no different.  The way Bo Young suffers through life is very relatable and will have you rooting for her as she tries to change the course of her future. 

But how long can Bo-Young's cover last and will she find the happy ending she is so desperately looking for?


Read Back to the Highteen here to find out the rest of Bo-Young's story!