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Star Writers, Kim Eun-sook, Kim Soon-ok, Lim Sang-choon and Kim Eun-hee-I's Value Report

Star writers will race in large numbers in the first half of 2023. If expectations are high, disappointment is also high, but the public's attention is naturally focused on their name value.


Kim Eun-sook

Internet users are already canceling their appointments for the evening of March 10th. The WBC Korea-Japan match is scheduled that day, and Netflix's "The Glory" Part 2 will be released. Writer Kim Eun-sook, who wrote the top-notch work "The Glory" last year, is predicting a more intense part 2.

"The Glory" tells the story of a woman who was broken to her soul by violence in her childhood, who carefully prepared her whole life for her revenge and those who fall into her vortex. Expectations are already high on what kind of revenge Song Hye-kyo, who plays the victim of school violence, will give to the perpetrators Lim Ji-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo-young and Kim Gun-woo.

Kim Soon-ok

Kim Soon-ok returns with another revenge drama. It is tvN's new Saturday-Sunday drama "Pandora: Beneath the Paradise" which will premiere on the 11th. This work is a revenge drama by a woman who lives a life that everyone envies to punish those who manipulate her fate while restoring her lost past memories.

Previously, author Kim Soon-ok explained the work, "It is not a common revenge drama where the good beats the bad, but it's a drama about a relationship. All expectations may go wrong, but it's a story that everyone can accept. Most importantly, it's fun that you can't miss",

Lim Sang-choon

Starting with "Drama Festival - Lump in my Life" in 2014, writer Lim Sang-choon wrote "Be Proud", "Baek-hee is Back", "Fight For My Way" and "When the Camellia Blooms". From a one-act drama to a mini-series, Lim Sang-choon's hands are those of Midas' and a failure-free hand. His presence in the veil itself is already an interest of drama fans.

He achieved his dream casting. "You Have Done Well" is raising expectations by unveiling the cast of Park Bo-gum and Lee Ji-eun (IU) in advance. The story of Ae-soon, born in Jeju in the 1950s, and Kwan-sik will be portrayed in the magical writing skills of writer Lim Sang-chun.

Kim Eun-hee-I

Even Kim Eun-hee-I, the master of genre, announced her comeback in 2023. SBS's new drama "Revenant", which predicted the broadcast in June, is a drama in which a woman and a man who can see evil spirits in another world with evil spirits when they open the door, dig into the mysterious death surrounding the five bodies.

Writer Kim Eun-hee-I, who has a global fandom with "Sign", "Ghost - Drama", "Signal" and "Kingdom", will join hands with SBS for the first time in nine years. On top of that, Kim Tae-ri, Oh Jung-se, and Hong Kyung have also been cast, raising fans' expectations for the work. Attention is focusing on whether writer Kim Eun-hee-I will smile as much as writer Kim Eun-sook, her best friend.

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