Stars Best Fit for HDTV

Which star celebrities are the most perfect for high definition television, which is known to capture even their sweat glands and fine body hair?

Ahead of its 7th anniversary, cable operator SkyLife conducted an Internet survey last month on the most preferred actors and actresses for HDTV. Topping the actors' list was Jang Dong-gun at 18%.

He was followed by Gang Dong-won (14%), world famous singer Rain (12%), singer Kim Hyun-joong (famous for his acting role in the current hit drama series "Boys over Flowers") and Jo In-sung (7.8%).

For actresses, Kim Tae-hee (20%) ranked first as having the best looks for HDTV, trailed by the heroine of "Boys over Flowers" Ku Hye-sun (17%), Moon Geun-young (12%), the heroine of the hit Korean film "Speedy Scandal" Park Bo-young (6.4%) and sexy pop queen Son Dam-bi (6.3%).

Respondents chose MBC comedy "Infinite Challenge" (28%) as the most preferred program for HDTV, followed by KBS's "1 Night 2 Days" (23.3%) and SBS" "Family Outing" (22.7%). The leading reality entertainment shows of the three terrestrial channels rounded out the top three.