Stars Who Begin Social Media and Veil Off

From actress Go Hyun-jung to Lee Young-ae, stars who were hidden with mysticism are taking off their veil one by one.


On the 24th, Go Hyun-jung opened an Instagram account. Along with a picture, she wrote, "I feel like I'm going to regret it. It's too difficult for me". When news about Go Hyun-jung's Instagram account spread, Kang Min-kyung from Davichi even promoted it.

This is the first time in her 35 years of career that Go Hyun-jung has opened an SNS account. Having only met her through big-budget works, she will start communicating with the public in earnest. Go Hyun-jung, who was hidden in mysticism, has approached the public even further. As she was loved by Netflix series "Mask Girl" recently, her followers are also rising fast.

Recently, there is another star who has shed mysticism. Starting with the drama "Inspector Koo" that aired in 2021, Lee Young-ae showed off her luxurious acting with tvN's "Maestra: Strings of Truth".

Lee Young-ae did not shy away from appearing in dramas, entertainment shows and YouTube videos. Last year, she made an appearance on SBS's "My Ugly Duckling" and appeared on YouTube channel "Civilization Express" to reveal her daily life as a mother who eats malatang and desserts with her daughter.

Lee Young-ae, who expressed her thoughts on mysticism in an entertainment show in the past, said, "I didn't especially wrap myself up with mysticism. My personality is the problem. My personality has changed a lot since I got married", showing a steadily easygoing attitude.

Han Ga-in also appeared on tvN's "Outside the Tent In Europe and South France", showing her easygoing side. Han Ga-in shows her cool side by revealing her daily life with her husband Yeon Jung-hoon and even pictures of her children.

In "Outside the Tent In Europe and South France", she was called "The Old Woman" when she didn't wash up. She also appeared on MBC's "Radio Star" to show off her ambition for entertainment.