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Sung Hoon and Kim Ga-eun to star in "I Picked Up A Star On The Road"

Sung Hoon and Kim Ga-eun are starring in the Oksusu original drama "I Picked Up a Star on the Road".


"I Picked Up a Star on the Road" is a comedy romance drama about Lee Yeon-seo, an awkward woman, who picks up world star named Kang Joon-hyeok on the road one day.

Sung Hoon plays Kang Joon-hyeok, the top star whose fatal charm has everyone drooling for him. He is known as 'the man of Asia' and lives a luxurious life, but a coincidental incident gets him shut away in Yeon-seo's house and experiencing things that flip his life over.

Kim Ga-eun plays Yeon-seo. She's the example of anyone's ordinary life, but gets involved with a stop star who has lived a complete opposite life from her.

Sung Hoon lives on to his nickname 'master of romantic comedy' in addition to "My Secret Romance". He's a rising Hallyu star who is wanted in dramas, movies and even TV shows such as the MBC "I Live Alone".

"I Picked Up a Star on the Road" is written by Lee Nam-gyoo and produced by Kwon Hyuk-chan.

"I Picked Up a Star on the Road" is a pre-production which can be seen in September on Oksusu.

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