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Sung Ryung Confirms "Call It Love"

Actress Sung Ryung has confirmed her appearance in "Call It Love".


The agency IOK Company announced on the 31st that Sung Ryung has confirmed her appearance in Disney Plus's original series "Call It Love".

"Call It Love" is a work about the emotional romance between Woo-joo (Lee Sung-kyung), a woman who jumps into revenge, Dong-jin (Kim Young-kwang), a man who becomes the object of revenge, and two men and women who should not have met.

In the drama, Sung Ryung plays Kim Yoo-ri, the head of the planning team at the Best Exhibition. She plans to make the drama even more interesting as a person who conflicts with Woo-joo, who joins the company as an office assistant.

With her solid acting skills and attractive mask, Sung Ryung starred in the films "February", "Dust-Man" and "Survival Tactics", drawing attention from the independent film industry early on.

She then continued to play on the screen through the MBC drama "Let's Watch the Sunset", the SBS drama "Return", and the TV Chosun drama "Babel".

She also left a strong impact as Yoon Hye-ra, an inmate in the recently released movie "Project Wolf Hunting". In addition, she has introduced various charms as the muse of music videos and advertising model of various brands.

While Sung Ryung, who shows endless possibilities, is also stepping into the OTT market through "Call It Love" and expanding filmography. Expectations are already high for the wider performance in this work.

Meanwhile, Disney Plus's original series "Call It Love" will premiere on February 22nd.

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