Sung Yu-ri's Christmas in April? 'Queen of Snow' in Romance town

Actress Sung Yu-ri is 'Queen of Snow'.

Sung Yu-ri roamed around the post box while shooting the new KBS 2TV drama "Romance Town".

In this shoot, Sung Yu-ri's transparent skin made the snow colorless. She looks liked a picture from a collection in the snow.

To create the snowy effect on a bright and warm day, the staff rented a snow machine and sweat for 4 hours keeping it running.

""Romance Town" is where romance and fun co-exists. Through the honest housemaids, you will be able to hear what the owners show or hide and experience humor" say the production staff.

Meanwhile, "Romance Town" is about the suspicious housemaids who work in a plutocrat family, and will be broadcasted on the 11th of May after "The Thorn Birds".