The 7 Have to Watch High School and Upcoming Korean Dramas in 2023

We've entered a whole new calendar year, and with it comes a slew of promising new Korean dramas. We have compiled 7 of the most expected highschool K-dramas to air in the first quarter of this year to give everyone a little more variety in what they may add to their watchlists. The popularity of Korean dramas like "Crash Landing on You" (2019) and "Squid Game" (2021), to mention just two, catapulted the genre to new heights, although they had been on the upswing for some time before that. In 2022, the K-drama business didn't slow down, continuing to impress with compelling programming across a wide variety of categories. Now, let's proceed to our list to reveal what highschool K-drama you mustn't miss this year.


"When the Stars Gossip"

The action of this riveting play will take place in the cosmos. As a space tourist, gynecologist Gong Ryong travels to a space station. When he gets there, he meets the meticulous astronaut, Eve Kim. The first image of Lee Min-ho and Kong Hyo-jin in their roles as Gong Ryong and Eve Kim has been revealed. First, we meet Gong Ryong, a gynecologist and midwife. The stalwart-looking guy rocketing into space is named Lee Min-ho. The reports state that he paid substantial money to join the journey as a foreigner. The actor wears a plain white T-shirt and a headset. You will also see an alternative image showing him in a spacesuit making gestural and facial gestures in an attempt at communication. Either way, it's among school K-dramas that will be worth watching this year.

"The Worst of Evil"

It's schools korean drama situated in the 1980s and features state trooper Park Joon-mo as he goes undercover to take down criminal leader Jeong Gi-cheol. His probe has the backing of his drugs detective spouse, Yoo Eui-Jung. During the second half of 2023, this criminal action drama will hit theaters. This crime-action thriller tells the narrative of a police investigation into drug gangs. Seoul, South Korea is where the inquiry by the grand police will begin. As the plot develops, however, the scope of the probe expands to include the destruction of the drug triangle in Asia.

Ji Chang-wook, an actor with a wide range, will play Park Joon-mo. As a member of the undercover police force, he works his way into a criminal gang in order to learn as much as possible about their activities. Elsewhere, Wi Ha-jun plans to assume the identity of notorious narcotics trafficker Jeong Gi-cheol. Jeong Gi-cheol, a rising crime lord, is a charismatic and interesting figure. Last but not least, Lim Se-mi will round out the interplay as Yoo Eui-jeong, a female investigative officer who has decided to join the inquiry. The fact that she is Park Joon-mo's wife is, nonetheless, rather intriguing.

"Crash Course in Romance"

If your preference is highschool romance K-dramas, this one will suit you perfectly to watch. Namely, Yoo Je-won, who previously directed the hit film "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha", returns with a new romantic comedy that delves into the competitive world of elite schools. Banchan (Korean side dishes) shopkeeper Nam Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon) is the focus of this show as she helps her daughter study for a university entrance test. When Yoo meets Choi Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho), a charming instructor renowned for his unconventional teaching methods, her whole life is thrown upside down.

"Mask Girl"

Another of the highly awaited Korean college life dramas, "Mask Girl" is based on a popular webcomic of the identical name and will reportedly consist of seven episodes. Mo-mi (Go Hyun-jung and Nana), a typical office employee with a crippling body image issue, is at the center of the story. And yet, she wears a mask when hosting an online show since she is so pleased with her stunning physical appearance. Oh-nam, a coworker, develops a passion for the masked girl but she doesn't feel the same way. Once she becomes embroiled in a web of high drama, he finds himself in the middle of it, too. Kyung-Ja, his single mother, begins a frantic hunt for him when he disappears.

"Chicken Nugget"

The young lady Choi Min-ah (Kim You-jung), who uses a mystery contraption to aid with her exhaustion and is mistakenly changed into a chicken nugget, is the protagonist of the comedy series that is inspired by the webtoon Fried Chicken by Park Ji-dok. Her dad and an assistant with a passion for her collaborate in an effort to return her to her physical figure, but in the process, they stumble onto some disturbing revelations. Netflix has not yet announced a launch date for the series "Chicken Nugget", and it seems unlikely that they will do so for some time. At this period in history, the development of Korean drama remains in its early stages; the primary actors who would play the principal parts were only just recently chosen.

Lee Byeong-heon-I is set to helm the next drama "Chicken Nugget". There will be a total of twelve episodes in the initial edition of the drama. After the announcement was made public on Twitter by the video content service, fans may now start making preparations for the arrival of "Chicken Nugget" on their platform of choice. Netflix has not yet disclosed the day that will serve as the show's formal debut. It's fair to state that this piece of cinematography has already become inspiring for some of the best essay writers across the globe. Furthermore, dozens of understudies have found its story motivation for their texts too.


When two women put their conflicts aside and decide to work together to combat injustice, a powerful force is unleashed. It's an old song in the world of Korean mysteries, but with Kim Hee-ae ("The World of the Married") and Moon So-ri ("Life") in the major roles, this female-driven drama has a chance to distinguish itself from the plethora of riveting Korean psychological thrillers that are available on Netflix. The tensions in "Queenmaker" seem like a complement for this year's version of Little Women due to the fact that one of the protagonists is a top entrepreneur working inside the system and the other is a worker's liberties attorney campaigning for the government.


If you are seeking legit paper writing websites to find extraordinary topics regarding action and incident, this Korean drama will make you stop. Why? Because it includes everything you need. Focusing on the criminal and adventure subgenres, the television show "Vigilante" is adapted from a motion comic with the same name. The story centers on a pupil at a police institute called Kim Ji-yong (Nam Joo-hyuk). At a young age, he witnesses the murder of his mom at the hands of infamous criminals and makes a solemn promise to exact vengeance on them. What does he do:

  • He establishes a criminal organization.
  • Transforms himself into a vigilante.
  • Eliminates those who disobey the law, all while the Metropolitan Investigative Unit Team is looking for him.



The high school relationship subgenre of Korean dramas has remained popular with viewers of all ages. It not only deals with a wide range of lovely, nostalgic adolescent feelings but also the difficulties of coming of age, as shown by tales to which we are certain you can connect. All of them are filmed in Korea and have a light, comic touch that adds to the appeal. Therefore, if you're in the mood for a lighthearted Korean drama, we hope our recommendations will be helpful.

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