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"The Childe" Kim Kang-woo, The Villain of All Times

Actor Kim Kang-woo is expected to announce the birth of an all-time villain character with the movie "The Childe".


"The Childe" (director Park Hoon-jung, production film company Geumwol Studio & New, distribution NEW) tells the story of forces with different purposes, including unidentified young gentleman (Kim Seon-ho), appearing in front of Marco (Kang Tae-ju), who moves around illegal stadiums in the Philippines.

Kim Kang-woo, who boasts a wide spectrum of acting that crosses good and evil, regardless of genre, character, regardless of character, will give off a strong presence.

Director Han, played by Kim Kang-woo in "The Childe", is a second-generation chaebol who persistently pursues Marco and provides an excuse for all cases. Kim Kang-woo said, "If the villains that have been shown so far have mainly used their brains, Director Han is a person whose body reacts before his head". At a production briefing held on the 22nd, "I like this character the most among the villains so far". He expressed his affection for the character, saying, "He is outspoken and cool".

The actors and staff who worked together said, "It's Kim Kang-woo's rediscovery. It shows his new side once again", (actor Kim Seon-ho). "He shows various acts so that the other person can react in various ways. Thanks to him, I was able to show more raw emotions", (actor Kang Tae-ju). "He plays what he wants to express professionally", (Shin Tae-ho), and "He is a veteran actor who knows how to make a villain character come out mean and cruel" (martial arts director Hwang Jin-mo).

Kim Kang-woo, who plays the role of director Han will double the tension of the work by filming the lineup of villain characters in Park Hoon-jung's world following Park Sung-woong in "The New World", Park Hee-soon in "The Witch : Part 1. The Subversion" and Cha Seung-won in "Night in Paradise".

"The Childe" will be released in theaters on June 21st.

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