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"The Glory" and "Weak Hero Class 1", The Reason People Watch School Violence Dramas

There is a lot of content about school violence and it is drawing attention. In addition to Netflix's "The Glory", which recently attracted global attention, OTT works such as wavve's "Weak Hero Class 1", which received attention last year, and movies "I Want to Know Your Parents" and "Christmas Carol" also captivated the audience by dealing with school violence.


Netflix's "Juvenile Justice" and TVING's "The King of Pigs", Disney+ "Revenge of Others" also drew public sympathy based on school violence. Why is the story of school violence and the story of taking private revenge against it so much attention?

"The Glory" is a Netflix series about a woman whose soul is broken by violence in childhood, and those who fall into her whirlwind. "The Glory" is a realistic portrayal of Moon Dong-eun, a desperate victim of school violence, drawing her personal revenge. It contains how much school violence, which was only fun for the perpetrators, is a great pain for the victim and the danger of school violence that breaks the soul.

"Weak Hero Class 1", released last year, is a drama about the strong action growth of a weak boy who confronts numerous violence with Soo-ho (Choi Hyun-wook) and Beom-seok (Hong Kyung), who became friends for the first time.

Unlike other works, "Weak Hero Class 1" depicts a realistic story of teenage years that everyone has passed by at least once, a message of criticism of the absurd society behind it, and the growth pain of three friends who go through friendship and catastrophe. The main characters who do not give in to school violence, and the stories between them convey empathy and echo.

In addition, other OTT series such as "All of Us Are Dead", "Juvenile Justice", "The King of Pigs", and "Revenge of Others" drew attention from viewers as the story of school violence was depicted.

The story of school violence also worked in movies. Based on a true story, "I Want to Know Your Parents" is about students who commit school violence and parents who drive their children to school violence for the sake of their children behind them, throwing things to think about. In "Christmas Carol", which was released at the end of last year, also shows twin brothers, who are socially disadvantaged, collapsing due to school violence, and seeking their own justice by taking private revenge.

Everyone has childhood, and we are victims, perpetrators, and bystanders of school violence, both big and small. Such school violence is heartbreaking and empathizing because it is happening around us and eating away at young souls more and more sneaky and painful. We hope that these stories about school violence will serve as an opportunity to prevent more school violence, and there will be more hearts in this society to take care of victims as they are delighted by the private revenge of school violence victims.

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