The Late Actor Lee Eon's 15th Death Anniversary

It's been 15 years since actor Lee Eon passed away.


Lee Eon (real name Park Sang-min) died in a motorcycle crash on the 31st of August, 2008. He was 27 years old then.

At 1:20 AM at the time, while driving home from the end of KBS2's "Mighty Chil-woo", he crashed into a guardrail at Hannam Five-way Intersection and died on the spot.

The late Lee Eon, a former wrestler, started modeling. In 2006, he began acting in earnest through the movie "Like A Virgin" based on his career as a ssireum player.

He played Hwang Min-yeop in the MBC drama "Coffee Prince" in 2007, after getting popular in "Like A Virgin". In particular, he was loved along with Kim Jae-wook and Kim Dong-wook as the 'three handsome employees' of "Coffee Prince".

Since then, he has appeared on KBS2's "When Spring Comes - Drama", MBC's "Who Are You - Drama" and KBS2's "Mighty Chil-woo".

Whenever the passing date of the late Lee Eon returns, many people express their longing for him. Actor Ryu Deok-hwan, who co-starred in the drama "Like A Virgin", is showing his affection for the deceased by steadily posting memorial messages on social media.

In 2020, actors Gong Yoo and Kim Jae-wook mentioned the late Lee Eon through a document about "Coffee Prince".

The recording took place on August 21, the anniversary of the late Lee Eon. Gong Yoo heard the news of the late Lee Eon in the military and said, "He was a very manly friend. It's really sad that he had to go before he unfolded so many things after "Coffee Prince"".

He then confessed, "I cried in front of the coffin so much that I couldn't get my head around with Jae-wook".

Kim Jae-wook said, "He was a person who was strict with me. We were in the same company, and I was a model senior", he said. "By this time of year, I think about the guy who was like a brother. He was a brother who wanted to do so many things", he said, recalling the deceased.