The National Thief, Yeon Jung-hoon

South Korea tends to like giving nicknames to the popular celebrities starting with "National". Mostly it's a good image such as "National First Love" Bae Suzy, "National Little Sister" IU, and etc. But there's a famous "National Thief"! It is the actor Yeon Jung-hoon, who married a beautiful actress, Han Ga-in. In 2005, when they were married, he became all South Korean men's enemy because Han Ga-in was one of the hottest star at the time.

Their love story is one of the sweetest though, they are actually childhood friends, and their long-run friendship ended up in a beautiful marriage.


This picture became famous with caption, "I don't care if I'm surrounded by Lee Da-hae and Han Ji-hye. Why? Because I've got Han Ga-in at home".


They've gone through a heartache in establishing a family with a loss of their baby in 2014 while she was pregnant, but thankfully, in 2014 April, they were blessed with a beautiful princess.


This couple may have broken a lot of hearts, both men and women but really, they are one of the most beautiful, loving celebrity couple in South Korea.

By. Lily Lee