The Rediscovery of Lee Si-young, Park Gyu-young, Go Min-si and Go Yoon-jung From "Sweet Home"

Lee Si-young, Park Gyu-young, Go Min-si and Go Yoon-jung of "Sweet Home" have become the trend by perfectly playing strong and self-reliant female characters.

Netflix's original "Sweet Home" is a bizarre and shocking story centered on monsters and desires. Director Lee Eung-bok, who made "Descendants of the Sun", "Goblin" and "Mr. Sunshine" directed the film and it became a hot issue even before the broadcast.

The large project, which cost 30 billion won to produce, has been a global hit in more than 70 countries. Newcomers such as Song Kang and Lee Do-hyun have attracted attention at home and abroad. In particular, the four characters Lee Si-young, Park Gyu-young, Go Min-si and Go Yoon-jung, who complete different female characters, received explosive positive reviews.

Actress Lee Si-young, who has been acting for the 13th year since her debut, has begun to solidify her popularity. She also showed solid performance in tvN's entertainment show "I'm Alive" and made "Sweet Home" Seo I-kyeong completely her own. Seo I-kyeong is a special forces firefighter with outstanding survival skills and charisma. Although the character was not in the original webtoon, her presence is unique.

Lee Si-young achieved a remarkable 8% body fat rate to play high-level action. Her clear back muscles, also raised suspicions about being computer graphic made.

In MBC's "Point of Omniscience", she broke the image of a female warrior and gained favor with her familiar charm. In particular, Lee Si-young's TikTok video is so popular that it ranked first for six consecutive weeks around the world thanks to its brilliant ideas and skillful acting.

Park Gyu-young succeeded in transforming her image by continuing the rise of tvN's "It's Okay to Not Be Okay".

Yoon Ji-soo, played by Park Gyu-young, is a brave figure who fits well with red hair, bass guitar, and baseball bat. Each work she does has always received favorable responses, but this time it was an opportunity to properly announce her name. In the second half of the series, she even formed affectionate romance with actor Kim Nam-hee-I.

The same is true for Go Min-si who's played many supporting roles. In particular, unlike playing a talkative high school student in the movie "The Witch : Part 1. The Subversion", she played the role of Lee Eun-yoo, a high school student who is always rebellious in "Sweet Home". She's the only Greenville resident who says anything that's on her mind.

Go Min-si and Lee Do-hyun received a heated response for their unintended chemistry as brother and sister. In KBS 2TV's "Youth of May", attention was focused on them as lovers, not siblings. Go Min-si has also been cast in Kim Eun-hee-I's new film "Jirisan" raising expectations.

Meanwhile, Park Yoo-ri, played by Go Yoon-jung, is a calm character who is not affected by surrounding situations. She treats injured people and is skilled in using the crossbow. In the second half, she creates a subtle atmosphere with actor Lee Jin-wook.

Go Yoon-jung, who gained recognition in various fields such as music videos and commercials even before her debut, became a hot topic rookie actor through "Sweet Home". Her next work is JTBC's new drama "Law School".