The Return of the Original 'Girl Crush', Oh Yeon-soo, Kim Eun-hye and Lee Hye-young-I

There are veteran actresses known as the 'original girl crushes', and they are returning to the small screen. They are Oh Yeon-soo, Kim Hye-eun and Lee Hye-young-I. They are key characters in dramas that have recently raised viewer ratings as rapidly as the main characters.


Oh Yeon-soo and Lee Hye-young-I quickly erased the long hiatus by playing the villain roles of tvN's "Military Prosecutor Doberman" and "Kill Heel". It is the first time in eight years that Oh Yeon-soo has been in a drama since MBC's "Triangle - Drama" in 2014, and Lee Hye-young-I since tvN's "Lawless Lawyer" in 2018.

Oh Yeon-soo draws a character with a 'psychopathic tendency' as the head of the female division in the drama. It is contrary to the soft charm she has shown so far, but she boldly challenged for it. Her long hair was also cut short for this role. She stands in conflict with the main character, Ahn Bo-hyun, a JAG officer. Thanks to this, the drama has gone over the 8% viewing mark (Nielsen Korea).

Lee Hye-young-I is also showing charisma in "Kill Heel", which depicts a fierce power struggle inside a home shopping company. She is an executive director of the company and is a person who tries to gain power by manipulating Kim Ha-neul, the second-largest show host in her later years. Recently, Kim Ha-neul rebelled and formed a new confrontation structure. Her unique personality that has been mainly revealed on the screen is also being shown in the small screen, drawing a response that it is fresh.

Kim Hye-eun, who has previously used her ambitious character as a trademark, tried to transform her image for tvN's "Twenty Five Twenty One". The main character Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) plays Yang Chan-mi, the coach of Taeyang High School's fencing team. While training her students hard, she realizes the true meaning of competition and becomes a popular character. Lines that instill courage in Na Hee-do, saying, "Trust me who chose you", are constantly being grouped into "Yang Chan-mi quotes" and shared online.