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This Week's Cultural News

2011/01/05 | Permalink | Source

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The largest toy exhibition in Korea is here, with toys from around the world and giving everyone the chance to return to one's childhood days!

[Interview : Kwak Heh-ran, Project Director] "Welcome to "The ToyShow". This is a fresh new exhibition based on the collection of Son Won-gyeong, the director of the Toykino Museum, who has collected over 500,000 toys over the past 25 years. Visitors will be able to glimpse the culture behind the toys".

Countless toys from all over the world fill this large exhibition hall. Toys here are elevated from mere playthings to cultural artifacts to be preserved.

Children can have fun seeing and touching the toys that have been collected by the Toykino Museum.

Let's check out the first section.

[Interview : Kwak Heh-ran, Project Director] "This section is called "Animation, making the world more fun!" It features items and characters from Pixar and Disney's animated movies".

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Doraemon, Winnie the Pooh - the heroes of animated movies come alive as adorable action figures. These unforgettable protagonists of our childhood gently guide us through a trip down Memory Lane.

Next are the movie characters.

[Interview : Kwak Heh-ran, Project Director] "These action figures are very realistic in both the characters and their costumes. They represent a toy culture that has become popular among adult fans".

Realistic representations of movie characters like the Hulk, the X-men, and Spiderman make visitors feel as if they have been transported into the movies themselves.

These amazing characters on display come in various sizes, from 4 to 12 inches. Many of them are special limited editions.

The third section is designed to bring back memories of the olden days.

[Interview : Kwak Heh-ran, Project Director] "This is where the parents can become guides for their children. Here, we display toys that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s".

Do you remember the plastic and tin toys that were sold in the stationery stores of the 1970s and 1980s

[Interview : Kwak Heh-ran, Project Director] "All of the toys featured in the exhibit are shown together through photos and videos. These works provide a good sense of the direction in which collectors' tastes are moving".

Photographs, video clips, and video art portraying toys challenge the visitors to think about toys from a new perspective. Toys are not only valuable as objects of amusement, but also as works of art. The ToyShow is a meaningful exhibition that offers visitors dreams, memories, and food for thought.

[Interview : Lee Si-hyeong, Visitor] "I came with my dad and my little sister. I liked it because it was fun".

[Interview : Kim Jin-seo, Visitor] "There were so many interesting things, and it was fun".

[Interview : Oh Hyeon-ja, Visitor] "I think this was a great opportunity for me to share memories and toys from my childhood with my own children".

The ToyShow is sure to trigger the children's limitless imagination and give them enjoyment through the diverse toys on display. At the same time, this exhibition will be for adults, a rare chance to take a break from their everyday routines and revisit the hopes and dreams of their childhood.

Life is a game of luck, a dazzling show! The latest installment of the comic musical series "Nunsense" has met the Korean audience as "Nunsensation".

As the title hints so, the story is about the protagonist nuns doing something sensational, which ends up being something that may not be that sensational at all. In other words, the meaning of the musical is whether the event is indeed a "Nunsensation" or just a "Nonsensation".

[Interview : Yang Hui-gyeong, Role of "Reverend Mother"] "The musical is about nuns who go to Las Vegas and perform in a charity show. You can imagine how much courage the nuns would have needed to muster up to go to a place like Las Vegas".

Five nuns travel to Las Vegas after agreeing on a deal that they would receive a US$10,000 donation for performing a show. Thus begin their efforts to build a well for thirsty African children.

The "Nunsense" series is now in its 20th year in Korea, with each installment becoming a huge hit, including "Nunsense", "Nunsense-Jamboree", and "Nuncrackers".

This is the first time that the latest version of the "Nunsense" series, which is "Nunsensation", is being performed in Korea. A mix of dance, song, theater, and humor, the show challenges the audience with the unsettling concept of nuns in Las Vegas.

[Interview : Yang Hui-gyeong, Role of "Reverend Mother"] "The audience needs to open up their hearts and become one with us until the very end".

[Interview : ] "It's time for the Wheel of Fortune! Spin the wheel!"

The actors actually interact with the audience during the show, making the performance even more enjoyable.

[Interview : ] "You're a nun now!"

Participants who take part in the raffle or the wheel of fortune with the actors will receive prizes, so don't miss out!

[Interview : Kim Jeong-suk, Audience member] "I'm a fan of Kim Hyeon-suk and Yang Hui-gyeong. I loved the show".

[Interview : Kang Eun-jeong, Audience member] "They are such talented singers. The set was also beautifully made, and the musical itself is so much fun".

Nuns and a Las Vegas show, nuns and casinos! Are these jarring combinations even possible to create

Next is the movie "Heartbeat". A backstreet gangster, Hwi-do, and the mother of a sick child, Yeon-hui, face off in a battle for a heart.

[Interview : Kim Yunjin, Role of "Chae Yeon-hui"] "The movie is about two people who run into a conflict, each trying to save the person they love".

Yeon-hui's daughter desperately needs a heart transplant, but Hui-do is sure that his mother is not brain dead yet.

[Interview : Park Hae-il, Role of "Lee Hwi-do"] "I think the audience will find it interesting to watch a movie that follows the emotional changes of the two characters".

[Interview : ] "I definitely saw her trying to say something. She definitely moved".

[Interview : ] "You must have seen wrong".

[Interview : ] "She's not dying".

[Interview : ] "There's no way".

[Interview : ] "There's no hope for your mother. You know that".

[Interview : ] "You need the money".

[Interview : ] "Does my life look like trash to you[Interview : Kim Yunjin, Role of "Chae Yeon-hui"] "I felt so much more energy from Park Hae-il than I had originally expected".

Hui-do takes his mother out of the hospital and tries to save her himself.

[Interview : Park Hae-il, Role of "Lee Hwi-do"] "Kim Yunjin is as strong an experienced actress as I had anticipated".

But Yeon-hui hunts him down. She will do anything to save her daughter, Ye-eun .

[Interview : ] "If your daughter is so precious, you should know that other people's lives are just as precious!"

[Interview : ] "Where is she [Interview : ] "What about my mother[Interview : Park Hae-il, Role of "Lee Hwi-do"] "This is a dramatic movie that will provide the audience with both non-stop thrill and searing emotions".

A battle between Hwi-do and Yeon-hui, both trying to save their beloved ones! Moviegoers will find their hearts beating strong throughout their dynamic and highly emotional performances.

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