"Three Meals A Day" writer says, "Lee Seo-jin and Ok Taecyeon" are shy of female guests


Writer Kim Dae-joo from "Three Meals A Day" talked about the guests that visit the house of Ok Soon-bong where Lee Seo-jin, Ok Taecyeon and Kim Kwang-kyu are.

tvN "Three Meals A Day" has had Park Shin-hye, Ji Sung, BoA and Yoo Hae-jin come by so far and Kim Ha-neul is their newest guest.

Kim Dae-joo said, "Many things about the Ok Soon-bong house changed with a guest. There are only guests to bring a change to the atmosphere of the farm house because the same people do the same kind of work everyday".

"Lee Seo-jin, Ok Taecyeon and Kim Kwang-kyu also have high expectations of the guests. They don't like it when the guest is revealed before arrival. They look forward to the guest very much".

- Is there a standard to finding guests for the show?

Kim Dae-joo said, "We look at the character of the guest. Our show is about the stars living together. There's no mission like other shows. They have to stick together for two to three days and that's when one's true character comes out. If the stars are too uncomfortable among themselves it's hard to carry on. So we don't consider anyone who we think might not get along with the show".

"We have to be serious when we find guests. We ask around a lot about the person we are about to invite".

About expected guests, Kim Dae-joo said, "We welcome anyone like Park Shin-hye who has a bubbly character to her. She worked really hard and it was humane to see her as a person and not an actress".

"I personally hope for female guests but male guests are alright, too. When men get together, they seem very dumb. It's like becoming teenagers all over again".

"Lee Seo-jin, Ok Taecyeon and Kim Kwang-kyu all find it amazing when a female guest comes to the house".

Meanwhile, "Three Meals A Day" starring Kim Ha-neul starts on the 3rd of July.