Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Play"

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Play"


"Play" (2011)

Directed by Nam Da-jeong

With Jung Joon-il, Lim Heon-il, Lee Hyun-jae, Jung Eun-chae, Soo Hyun,...

This movie follows the moments of love three youngsters meet in the process of making their own music after deciding to make a band. Joon-il coincidentally hears Heon-il's music in a café and suggests making a band after showing him his music. Model and drummer Hyeon-jae comes on board after that and these guys form a modern rock band. They portray hesitant love, desperation towards a dream unsteady but unwavering dream in sentimental melody. While waiting to be chosen by a management, these three decide to be the bus king at the worldwide famous Indies band "Swell Season" and this changes their destiny.

Release date in Korea : 2011/06/09

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