Uhm Jung-hwa, "Challenge Is My Instinct"

Actress Uhm Jung-hwa exuded her charm as a romantic sexy queen.


On the 26th, Vogue Korea released a photo shoot of Uhm Jung-hwa, who was selected as the cover for the March issue of the "Vogue Leader: 2024 Women Now" campaign.

Uhm Jeong-hwa, who was selected as one of the 24 women representing her contemporary era, showed her potential to lead her second heyday as a singer and actress in the pictorial.

The singer and actress, with her solid body and beauty, has not changed compared to when she debuted, as well as her more charismatic poses.

Vogue Leader: 2024 Women Now's campaign sheds light on women who have achieved achievements in their respective fields, including film, music, fashion, sports, and art.

Uhm Jeong-hwa has been active in various fields, ranging from last year's drama "Doctor Cha" to the movie "Miss Fortune", solo concert Invitation and entertainment program "Dancer Singer Wanders".

In an interview that followed the photo shoot, Uhm Jung-hwa said, "The beginning of this year is a bit different. I think I will meet something new. These days, I have high expectations and excitement. I want to show a lot of things that are like Uhm Jeong-hwa but not like Uhm Jeong-hwa".

Uhm Jeong-hwa, one of the role models of many juniors, said, "My dream is the same. To hear that I am a great actress and a good singer. What has changed is that I have a deeper and wider dream than before. I always yearn to dream".

"Challenge is my instinct. I like the joy I feel whenever I do it", she said.

Meanwhile, actress Uhm Jung-hwa's pictorials and interviews can be found in the March issue of the fashion magazine Vogue Korea and on its website.